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BizTech was founded in 2020 by ESCP students. We are a community of ESCP innovators and technology enthusiasts who believe in tech's impact in creating a better world. 

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Build Tech-work, Do Network

We want to leverage our network to be the starting point of student relationship with the tech world. 

Guiding students through networks, and companies through tech-work.  

We bring together innovators and technology enthusiasts through company projects, allowing students to use their knowledge hands-on and expand their network.


We aim to achieve our Vision through:

  • giving students the opportunity to create positive, sustainable and long-lasting value for companies through meaningful projects.

  • enabling students to keep up with cutting edge technology trends and practices through networking events, seminars and other collaborations.

  • offering technical and management know-how to companies that wish to access a talented & curious ESCP Students pool.